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Australia’s only total lightning network with superior detection and forecasting.

Total Lightning

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We provide developer-friendly XML and JSON web service API options.

Weather Feeds

Weatherzone Launches Total Lightning Network


The Weatherzone Total Lightning Network (WZTLN) is Australia’s only total lightning network, providing intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection to allow the earliest possible warning of impending severe weather available. New patented Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts now mean you get more advance notice with real time lightning and storm tracking out to 30 minutes.

Research shows that the flash rate of in-cloud (IC) lightning is a direct measure of storm intensity and the likelihood of associated ground strikes. Weatherzone Total Lightning Network is the first lightning detection network to comprehensively record both in-cloud (IC) and cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning which is critical for confidently managing operations around dangerous storm phenomena.

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